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Transforming Ideas into Innovations: Product Strategy, Architectural Design, Software, AI and Algorithm Development

Transform Your Business with Automated Solutions for Routine Tasks

AI / ML / NLP – Powered Solutions, Optimization and Recommendation Engines

Maximize efficiency with our AI tools: Transform data into insights, streamline decision-making, automate tasks, and enhance customer interactions while saving time.

IoT Solutions for Asset Tracking

Effortlessly monitor assets and improve inventory turnover with our cost-effective, user-friendly solution. Maintain control as your business expands, ensuring seamless operations and success without exceeding your budget.

Computer Vision & Video Analytics Tools

Introducing our revolutionary shirt, inspired by the efficiency of AI-based video analytics solutions. Just like how technology streamlines surveillance, our shirt embodies modern simplicity and style, ensuring you effortlessly stand out in any crowd.

A versatile software architecture makes it possible to deliver high-quality product at a lower cost, allows for better reuse of code resulting in shorter time to market with next iterations and provides more room for system optimization.

System & Software Architecture

Our suite of ML-powered tools is designed to address your industry’s specific challenges and solve real-world problems. By enabling your employees to manage complex tasks more efficiently, our solutions lead to better service, increased customer satisfaction, and higher retention rates.

Tailored ML-Powered Tools for Your Industry

Full-cycle software development to help you create a product or grow your business. We develop software solutions on a variety of platforms, using variable programming languages.

Software Development & Support

Automation is a vital component of any competitive company nowadays. It helps you save resources, keep focus on core activities and become a more data driven organization.

End-to-end business process automation

Application of a voice, video and various modern collaboration technologies, either as stand-alone solutions or integrated into existing business processes. Facilitate easy remote collaboration or services.

Advanced Collaboration Solutions

For every software development project at Sogo Services, we strictly adhere to secure a development life cycle. We have created proper coding guidelines that cover design, development and deployment to secure your software, network and infrastructure.

Security analysis and consulting

Enhance Technology

to Meet Your Needs
We have been working with Sogo Services for over a year now on multiple verticals - namely marketing automation and machine learning-based analytics and segmentation; on all of these, Sogo's team took complete ownership of the project while showing a high level of expertise and commitment during the complete life-cycle of the project - starting with going above and beyond what is required in understanding the product vertical itself, through product management, the design of the solution architecture, implementation, and deployment; we will be relying on the team's expertise for future projects as well.
CTO, Olympic Entertainment Group
Choosing an engineering partner is tricky, especially when you face tough deadlines, sophisticated requirements and maintain a lean budget. The odds are against you, most projects are off-budget and way behind schedule. That’s why we consider teaming up with Sogo a huge success.
Nati Schlesinger
Founder, Clickspree
Our overall experience with Sogo Services has been outstanding, from both the customer intimacy standpoint, alignment to Cisco IoT R&D and meeting the aggressive delivery timelines, which allowed timely rollout of Smart Parking solution.
Ohad Richberg
Cisco Systems