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About us

By combining extensive experience in optimizing business processes using cutting-edge technologies and a multidisciplinary team of data scientists, algorithm researchers and software engineers we help you make sense of your data, big and small, as well as design and implement a technological solution that addresses your business needs.

We firmly believe in providing innovative, simple, easy to implement and maintain solutions that generate business value.

We offer a comprehensive package of bespoke services including consultancy, training and sourcing outstanding data specialists from our very own data science fellows and community.

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Why choose sogo services?

  • Multidisciplinary engineering team capable of applying best methods to solve customer problem.

  • Proven ability to analyze business problems that customers encounter and experience designing best technological solution.

  • Vast R&D experience with multiple technologies.

  • Flexible and transparent work processes to align with any type of customer - Enterprise, SMB or Startup.

  • Algorithms and new technologies research team enables utilized advanced methodologies and cutting edge technology in projects.

  • Extensive experience consulting and developing security projects.


CRM for Online and Land Based Operators
AI/ML Based Marketing Campaign Optimization
Slots Gaming Platform and Wallet
Live Dealer Gaming Platform
Logistics and retail
Vehicle Inventory Management & Tracking
IoT Platform for Asset Tracking
In Store Shelf Inventory Analysis Platform
Location services Integration with CRM and Marketing Campaigns
Workflow engine and document management

IoT Smart Parking
Complex Event Processing (CPE) platform
Integrating Collaboration Infrastructure with Business Applications


Machine Learning / AI
Applying newest deep learning and other cutting edge algorithmic approaches, AI technology platforms and frameworks for rapid prototyping and building production ready solutions
Analyzing and helping to secure customer's software, network and infrastructure
Image Processing
Creating cost-effective and reliable video analytics solutions which drive high performance and real time applications
Helping customer to design and implement proper Devops and SecDevOps processes, including design and implementation of cloud and on-prem system architecture, orginization of CI/CD processes, SDLC, etc.
Performing in-depth review of customer's solution and software architecture, analyzing usage scenarios and potential bottlenecks, for both on-prem and cloud deployments
Full-cycle software development services designed to help customer grow his business. We develop software solutions on a variety of platforms (Web based, Windows, Unix, iOS, Android), using variable programming languages
While providing outsourcing services, we engage with the customer through all stages – from planning and scoping, development and realization to support and maintenance phases

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114 Derech Menachem Begin
6701309 Tel-Aviv, Israel

Email: sales@sogoservices.com