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Extensive Video and Audio Encoding Functionality

  • Resolutions starting from 720p up to 2160p60

  • Container - RTMP, SRT, MPEG-DASH

  • H264 encoding engine’s fine-tuning configurations such as profile, key & b-frames, MBTree option, and more

  • Support for multiple concurrent streams per a source with different video settings

Integration With The Existing Infrastructure 

  • Multiple sources for a single steam

  • Adding time and business events metadata into the video

  • Real-time control of the encoder settings via Websocket-based API

  • Switching of source in the same steam without any interruptions for multi-camera support 

Advanced Functionality

  • Multiple configurable ROIs (Regions Of Interest) - ROI is an encoding technology to tackle image quality issues by providing the highest quality for the most significant areas of interest while reducing the quality level in unimportant areas to achieve the best quality/lowest bandwidth outcomes. In ROI integrated intelligent analysis, face recognition, and ROI encoding into their high definition video products, providing the best performance of ROI encoding and is committed to providing more value to their customers.

  • Chroma Key Support based on configurable RGB color value - Chroma Key is a technique to replace a background with a different image in real-time during video encoding

  • Dedicated and optimized binaries based on the CPU architecture - Intel or AMD.

LiveCast Video Encoder

LiveCast is a highly scalable and low-latency software video encoder, making it the ideal solution for streaming live content from multiple sources. With advanced architecture that reduces latency to less than 1 second, LiveCast ensures that your live streams have a minimal delay and allows granular control of quality and bandwidth usage. The encoder was designed around the Live Casino requirements with optimizations and features that address the specific needs of the Live Casino encoding and streaming use cases, such as multiple ROI

Multi-Resolution Support

Deliver multiple streams up to 1080p and 4K  


Add and remove streams and change sources via easy-to-use API

Low Latency

Ultra-low latency for delivery of real-time content

Cost Effectiveness

Reuse existing general-purpose servers without specialized hardware

Advanced Video Processing. Designed for 24/7 Operations Exceptional Low Latency

Concurrently stream multiple 1080p and 4K content for your 24/7 operations. This pure software H.264 encoder is optimized to run on general physical or virtual hardware with Intel or AMD processors and seamlessly integrates into existing video infrastructure. LiveEncode is a highly cost-effective solution that allows the growth and reduction of streams based on business needs without committing to costly hardware.

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