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DVRA & Video Analytics -
A Cloud-Based Video Platform

For Compliance and Operational Insights

DVRA is a cloud-based video archiving platform designed explicitly for Live Games, with analytics and advanced search capabilities. We store and index Live Video streams from any source (Live Studios, Dealer applications, surveillance cameras) while matching videos with game events in real time via an intuitive API.

DVRA also has role-based access controls for different users and helpful dashboards for monitoring and alerting on issues for all configured ingested streams. DVRA is a highly available solution, which includes fail-over resilience to ensure non-stop operation, 24/7

Additionally, it offers reporting and real-time feedback to help optimize dealer behavior

Customer Excellence

Easy access and retrieval of relevant game rounds by customer’s request.​

  • Quicker resolution of customer support requests 

  • Easily and securely share with customers the archived videos

Business Insights

Improve studio operations through the use of behavioral and business analytics.​

  • Track the correlation between dealer behavior and players' stay duration 

  • Perform A/B testing on how studio operations and table set up to optimize efficiency


Monitor the availability, quality, and video events of your video streams.​

  • Video stability and quality monitoring from outside of your network 

  • Short or long-term changes in video quality 

  • Quickly identify environmental changes in the studio (lighting, table location, etc.)


Meet compliance requirements by storing videos and tables’ events​

  • Elastic storage for archiving substantial amounts of data for a long period

  • Pay per use, without Capex investment into hardware 

  • Scalable and highly available, designed for 24/7 non-interrupted recording

Addressing Live Operational Challenges and Boosting Business KPIs 

Scalable To Your Needs 







Advance Search and
Data Correlation Capabilities

DVRA's powerful search function allows you to search for videos based on a variety of criteria, including location, stream, date and time, event or error, and round ID.

And once you've found the video you're looking for, you can watch, download and securely share it with just a few clicks.

If you're searching for a specific game round, our platform makes it easy to view and download a video fragment from start to finish.

Intuitive Integration with any Server and Infrastructure

DVRA supports various video protocols and ingests the stream directly from your encoders or CDN that you use. In addition to archiving and analyzing the video, it monitors the stream's stability and quality, giving alerts if an anomaly is detected. 


A broad set of RESTful APIs allows easy integration with the game server, internal dashboard, and other operational infrastructure. The API enables sending any business event to DVRA for correlation with archived videos. Based on these events, you can later access and share video and business insights from the user interface or via API.

Advanced Analytics Capabilities 

Get actionable insights into your dealers' behavior and performance with DVRA's advanced analytics capabilities. 


DVRA's cutting-edge model analyzes incoming video streams in real time, providing detailed reports on various metrics, including dealer emotions (positive, negative, neutral), deviations from standard play, voice volume, noise levels, and facial alignment. 


Connecting person's behavior with business data gives you a complete picture of your operations, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize performance.

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