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Computer Vision & Video Analytics Tools

Introducing our revolutionary shirt, inspired by the efficiency of AI-based video analytics solutions. Just like how technology streamlines surveillance, our shirt embodies modern simplicity and style, ensuring you effortlessly stand out in any crowd.

There are too many cameras out there and a few pairs of eyes to keep track of them

Ever felt curious where all the surveillance video footage recorded at diverse public places that you visit every day goes? Does it ever end up being seen by somebody or something?Humans are not efficient when it comes to doing repetitive monotonous jobs. There are too many cameras out there and a few pairs of eyes to keep track of them. Hardware is cheap and abundant, but the work force required to supervise them is costly.AI-based video analytics solutions turn almost any CCTV system into an effective, specialized and reliable smart tool, boosting efficiency and cutting costs.

Our custom technology solves one of the most critical tasks today – automation of image and video analysis for security and commercial use.

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