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Case Studies

Our projects we are proud to tell you about!

From Space to Screen: Pioneering Cloud Architecture for Real-Time Earth Video

Sen and Sogo collaborated to develop a cutting-edge cloud-based architecture for real-time satellite video streaming. Over six months, they crafted a scalable, cost-effective solution that supports live and on-demand video, transforming global access to space-based visuals.

Smart Feeder and IoT Platform for Accurate Herd Eating Habits Data Collection

Sogo's IoT and AI-driven solution utilized BLE Beacons, Edge Devices, and a Secure Cloud Service, ensuring 99.999% accuracy. Integrated with a weight system, it optimized feed ratios and reduced methane emissions.

Securing Voices: A Cybersecurity Success Tale in Consumer Application

Genie, a cybersecurity startup, joined forces with Sogo to develop an advanced B2C platform that protects users from phone scams. By intercepting calls, using voice analysis, and leveraging AI, Genie ensures seamless security for consumers, demonstrating the potency of collaborative innovation.

Accelerating Innovation: The AT&T CITE Project and Sogo's Expertise in Enterprise Software Development

Meeting AT&T's CITE project's timelines and maintaining quality through a dedicated team of developers.

Security Video Analytics Engine

An AI-powered video analytics solution was developed to predict intrusion attempts near ATMs by detecting abnormal behavior, providing law enforcement with valuable extra time to activate the alarm system and respond to potential crimes

AT&T VoIP client for Webex (VOC)

AT&T teamed up with Sogo Services to quickly develop a modern VoIP client integrated with Webex, delivering enhanced security and functionality.

Real-Time Video Analytics Engine for Online Casino

An AI-powered video analytics engine developed by Sogo Services achieved fast and highly accurate result detection in the Live provider space, ensuring clean table layouts and reliable performance for games like roulette and cards

PointMe digital out-of-home advertising technology

A cloud-based platform and mobile SDK were created to enable PointMe's location-aware advertising, delivering personalized marketing promotions when users point their mobile devices at billboards or other points of interest (POI)

Marketing Automation with Olympic Entertainment Group

A custom marketing automation solution was developed to streamline processes, enhance campaign efficiency, and integrate AI-driven customer segmentation capabilities, addressing resource inefficiencies in marketing and BI teams.

KIA Israel Vehicle Storage Yard Management Solution

KIA Israel sought to automate vehicle logistics and improve productivity by implementing an innovative vehicle storage yard management system, resulting in real-time tracking, reduced operational expenses, and enhanced inventory turnover.

CISCO IoT Smart Parking

Cisco's Smart + Connected Parking solution alleviates urban traffic congestion by offering real-time parking information, enhancing urban mobility and sustainability.

AT&T Automation Services Delivery Platform OLTPD

Automation improved AT&T's Managed Security Services orders fulfillment, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing completion times.

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