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Accelerating Innovation: The AT&T CITE Project and Sogo's Expertise in Enterprise Software Development

CITE is AT&T's advanced enterprise Radio Access Network project management and planning system, designed to manage and oversee the planning of 64k cell sites across four regions in the United States. AT&T developed this cutting-edge product to replace the previous system, which solely offered progress reports.
With CITE, AT&T has a comprehensive solution that facilitates the initiation and management of all activities related to spectrum management, ensuring successful completion. This innovative product was developed internally by an R&D organization within AT&T.


After a year of rigorous product development, AT&T identified the need for setting up an additional engineering team. They sought to augment their team without affecting the momentum of the existing development team. Their objective was clear: to maintain the delivery timelines without compromising quality. To achieve this, AT&T reached out to Sogo, seeking an dedicated senior team of Java and React developers with experience in complex product development.


With its reputation for excellence in enterprise software development, Sogo built a dedicated team of developers and an engineering manager. Starting with an initial team of 5, Sogo scaled up to 12 developers in just two months, ensuring that the project's rigorous timelines were met.A standout aspect of Sogo's involvement was its commitment to advanced methodologies and engineering management. Sogo's leadership engaged deeply with AT&T, understanding the company's internal processes, the architectural nuances of CITE, and the overarching vision. This meticulous approach ensured a seamless integration of Sogo's team, fostering a collaborative and efficient development environment.

AT&T and Sogo's collaboration is a testament to the transformative power of high-quality professional services in enterprise software development. By synergizing AT&T's vision with Sogo's expertise in advanced methodologies, the development of CITE was accelerated, solidifying AT&T's position as a trailblazer in the telecommunications and software

AT&T is the world's largest telecommunications company


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“I’ve been working with Sogo for the last year and half.
During this time, we outsourced a lot of our software development to Sogo, in various domains as architecture, security, backend and front end development. I’ve found Sogo to be very professional in their deliveries. They have always lived up to their commitments, delivered on time, with good quality and modern engineering practices.
I will be happy to continue working with Sogo and recommend it to whom It may concern.”
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