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AT&T VoIP client for Webex (VOC)

AT&T, a leader in telecommunications, aimed to enhance its web conferencing capabilities by integrating Cisco WebEx with its telephony platform, leveraging technology from one of its acquisitions. AT&T Business offers a variety of voice and VoIP solutions, underscoring the need for a seamless integration that supports modern, secure communication technologies.


The initial integration faced several challenges due to the use of legacy VoIP technology and architectural complications, creating a complex environment that required a fresh, innovative approach. Additionally, the urgency to deploy a more modern solution with enhanced security mechanisms like SIP over TLS and SRTP added to the complexity.


To address these challenges, AT&T engaged Sogo Services, a trusted partner, to take full ownership of the product design and implementation. The project involved careful planning and engineering to reconcile the disparate architectures of WebEx and AT&T's telephony platform, ensuring compatibility and seamless operation. This included the development of a native AT&T VoIP plugin, which allowed users to access AT&T's telephony services directly within the WebEx environment.

Sogo's responsibilities encompassed the entire product development lifecycle, adhering closely to agile methodologies and maintaining frequent communication with AT&T. This collaborative effort led to the successful integration of a new VoIP client within the WebEx client, enhancing user experience and security.


The Sogo team met the project's tight deadlines, delivering the solution within budget and quality specifications, despite changes in architectural and functionality requirements. The outcome was a robust VoIP client for Cisco WebEx that integrates seamlessly with AT&T’s SIP/VOIP infrastructure, complete with comprehensive documentation, unit testing, and knowledge transfer to AT&T's development team.

This strategic enhancement not only improved the security and functionality of AT&T’s web conferencing tools but also positioned the company to better serve its customers with reliable and secure communication solutions.

AT&T is the world's largest telecommunications company


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“I’ve been working with Sogo for the last year and half.
During this time, we outsourced a lot of our software development to Sogo, in various domains as architecture, security, backend and front end development. I’ve found Sogo to be very professional in their deliveries. They have always lived up to their commitments, delivered on time, with good quality and modern engineering practices.
I will be happy to continue working with Sogo and recommend it to whom It may concern.”
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