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Performance optimization


Clickspree needed to quickly address scaling issues in their platform, in order to be able to take on a large new strategic customer within a short time.



Sogo engineers entered a quick discovery period with Clickspree, and promptly located bottlenecks and inefficiencies; addressing those would lead to a huge improvement in response times and total throughput. Sogo has created the actual implementation of the solution and used that opportunity to migrate the system to a more robust deployment and services layout.



Throughput increase of over x210 times requests/second has been benchmarked, and deployments are now much smoother (a few clicks rather than hours of manual fiddling).

Sitting at the intersection of three distinct disciplines – computer vision, behavioral science and machine learning – Clickspree’s product enables publishers to, in effect, get inside the heads of their audience members


Tall Buildings

"Choosing an engineering partner is tricky, especially when you face tough deadlines, sophisticated requirements and maintain a lean budget. The odds are against you, most projects are off-budget and way behind schedule. That’s why we consider teaming up with Sogo a huge success."
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