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Smart Feeder and IoT Platform for Accurate Herd Eating Habits Data Collection

Rumenera aims to reduce methane emissions by cows, use land and water usage for feeding, and improve animal health welfare by accelerating the shift towards sustainable farming.


As part of this effort, Rumenera needed to capture detailed food consumption patterns of each ruminant in a herd. Existing feeding monitoring solutions, though available, were not only expensive but also lacked real-time data processing capabilities essential for Rumenera's research.


Sogo, with their expertise in IoT and AI-driven analytics, proposed a comprehensive solution:

  • BLE Beacons: Attached to each cow, they transmitted their identity to the nearby capturing device.

  • Edge Devices: Raspberry PI or ESP32 controllers acted as data aggregation agents, analyzing and filtering data before sending it to the cloud.

  • Secure Cloud Service: This cloud platform, designed with robust security measures, processed the data using AI analytics and advanced signal processing to minimize interference to identify each cow at a feeder with a 99.999% accuracy. It also generated operational reports and provided real-time alerts on the status and health of the sensors and edge devices.

  • Weight System Integration with IoT: The edge devices, integrated with an IoT-enabled weight system, monitored food consumption, ensuring data integrity and accuracy.

The technology stack prioritized data security and included Golang, Python, Java, Kafka, and Postgresql.


Thanks to Sogo's IoT, AI analytics, and signal processing integration, Rumenera could gather precise, real-time food consumption data for their cows. This data-driven approach optimized feed ratios, reduced methane emissions, and ensured the integrity and security of the entire system. Sogo's cost-effective and technologically advanced solution perfectly aligned with Rumenera's vision of a sustainable and tech-driven future in farming.

RumenEra is a venture of Huminn, a life science venture builder, with a mission to solve the most complex challenges of the global health, food & agriculture industry.


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