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PointMe digital out-of-home advertising technology


PointMe is a new digital out of home (DOOH) advertising technology that can transform every sign, billboard, building or object into clickable, bringing to Offline media an Online experience and interactivity. By that PointMe makes the customer’s Out of Home (OOH) platform out-stand, more measurable and much more proactive.



To develop a location-aware advertising service to allow the user to point a mobile phone to a billboard or any other POI to receive personalized marketing promotions.

To make that happen, PointMe uses hardware modules on billboards to allow the phone to determine if a mobile device points to a specific module and to receive relevant offers.



To design and develop a cloud-based platform, a mobile SDK for Android and IOS devices to determine the position and orientation of the device using internal phones’ sensors as well as PointMe modules (PMM), which transmit BLE signals with a defined payload.

Sogo was responsible for the complete lifecycle of the cloud and mobile software development –product management, design and architecture, development and cloud deployment.



Sogo designed, developed and deployed a cloud-based platform for the management of POIs, customers, devices, advertising campaigns, native IOS and Android mobile apps. The app alerts the user when a mobile device is pointed towards a POI and displays the relevant marketing campaign promotions.

PointMe is mobile enabled Offline to Online connection & conversion Out-of-Home advertising technology


Tall Buildings


CTO & Co-Founder, PointMe

"Sogo helped us define what was needed and execute on that. We came with a product definition, but Sogo team also expanded on our ideas by sharing their knowledge gained from past experiences. We had good chemistry when we met, and I liked their attitude. They have performed well. The team is agile and easy to work with. They built two-thirds of our key system. The product is not out on the market yet, but they have been a significant part of our work."
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