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From Space to Screen: Pioneering Cloud Architecture for Real-Time Earth Video

Sen is a dynamic startup dedicated to creating cutting-edge satellites that enable real-time video streaming from space to a global audience of billions. Their mission involves gathering valuable news and information about Earth and space, ensuring that it becomes universally accessible to everyone.


Before launching their first satellites, Sen sought the assistance of Sogo to collaborate in defining a cloud-based architecture for video streaming and video-on-demand. Sogo's expertise was instrumental in validating the technological decisions and approaches Sen had in mind for implementation.


Over six months, the collaborative efforts of Sogo and Sen's architecture teams resulted in the development of a cloud-based infrastructure tailored to handle satellite video operations seamlessly. Sogo played a vital role in assisting Sen in defining an architecture for live video streaming and video on demand (VOD). The architecture also enriched the video content with metadata gathered from various data sources, including news events, points of interest, and more. Additionally, the solution was designed to be cost-effective and scalable, accommodating many video streams and serving millions of users efficiently.

Sen is a dynamic company that specializes in streaming real-time 4K videos from space to a global audience.


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